Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Movie Reviews: Star Trek & Yes Man

Star Trek
This high flying summer blockbuster is a thrill ride from beginning to end. I had the privilege of watching this on the IMAX which because of the huge screen and the bone shaking sound quality it makes you feel like you’re the one hurtling through space on the Enterprise. Some may wonder if they need to be a Trekkie to understand this film, but its definitely made for anyone whether they’re considered half Vulcan or haven’t Trekked much. They did such a good job with the story that anyone can enjoy this film. Its fun to watch the formation of the famous Star Fleet crew and how these legendary characters got into their roles. You learn about the early years of such characters as Captain Kirk and Spock and how they all ended up on the USS Enterprise.

“Look at your Shoes Moments” –
There was one point early on where Kirk’s in bed with a girl and they’re passionately kissing. She’s in her underwear and her roommate comes in as well and she’s in her undergarments too. This scene lasts less than 2 minutes.

Overall this movie is a must see theater movie; you won’t want to settle for DVD on this one. If you enjoy action, humorous one-liners, and a complicated yet intriguing storyline Star Trek is the movie for you.

If you haven’t already you should have Scotty beam you up to the nearest theater to see Star Trek.

Yes Man
We recently watched this Jim Carrey comedy that just hit DVD and Blu-Ray. The basic plotline is that this man who lives a boring and hermit crab lifestyle is confronted by a longtime friend to join a trendy support group. After attending the support group he makes a covenant with himself to say “Yes” to any invitation or proposition thrown his way. Whether its giving a ride to a homeless man, letting someone borrow his cell phone, learning guitar, planning a wedding shower or bungee jumping. As he does this he discovers that life is more enjoyable when you get out of your comfort zone and start experiencing life with others.

It really got me thinking too about saying yes to what God is asking me to do rather than giving him my excuses. As I look for new opportunities and live in obedience there will be a dramatic difference in my daily living.

“Look at your Shoes Moments” –
There are a couple of awkward scenes, swearing and crude jokes are used sporadically, but there is one scene where he’s propositioned to have sexual relations with an older neighbor lady. This was awkward and unnecessary, but could be avoided with a fast forward button.

Overall the movie had its moments of humor and was better than I expected. If your parents object or you’re not a fan of Jim Carrey you’d want to say NO, otherwise I would say YES to seeing Yes Man.

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