Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bigger than Just You

This last weekend we talked about the story of David and Goliath from 1 Samuel 17. Our discussion covered the common issue of identifying the things in our lives that seem huge and immovable, but with God nothing is impossible. We discussed that God enables us to achieve the things he’s asking us to do no matter how large or intimidating it may initially seem.

Recently I had a discussion with my wife April about the topic of David and Goliath and we started looking at the story from a different angle. So often we look at this legendary story with the perspective of our problems, our issues and our hurdles in life. If you look at the story, Goliath is harassing a much larger demographic than just David, he’s taking on all the people of Israel. This got us thinking that instead of just dealing with the “giants” that only affect us personally, what if there were large obstacles, enemies, or issues that were affecting a larger group of people. Such issues as human trafficking, local homelessness, starving families, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, domestic abuse, etc. are all things that affect a larger demographic than just you personally. As Christ followers let’s be people who start stepping up and challenging these issues.

I’m not saying get on your soapbox or pull out a picket sign. I can’t think of anytime when the love of God can be effectively shared through shouting at someone or holding a sign.

What I’m really challenging us to do is start praying about a realistic need that you see in your community, the nation or even the world. Allow God to stir up a passion in your heart for something specific. Then start praying about what you can do to help those affected. Let’s be a people that put our faith into action and show the love of God in genuine and practical ways. So don’t just stop at praying for someone or giving money to an organization, but start taking practical steps to bring about a change. As we start stepping up and making a difference we’ll start seeing the destruction of these “giants” and “Goliaths” in our society that used to seem so immovable and intimidating.

Good Further Reading:
1 Samuel 17

James 2:14-26

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  1. Great writing Sean! Very thought provoking!!!