Saturday, August 15, 2009

Movie Review: Watchmen

Rating: R for strong graphic violence, sexuality, nudity and language

From the director of 300 comes this over the top action flick full of special effects, gory violence and continual sexual content. This comic book adaptation is about what society would be like if crime-fighting vigilantes were a normal part of the culture. The original group of superheroes or "Watchmen" united in the 1940’s and combat local criminals without the help of the local authorities. The film picks up in 1985 when after decades of Watchmen some have retired and new heroes have risen to power, all of this despite the US governments restrictions on masked vigilantes. After the murder of one of the older Watchmen, some of the current rogue Watchmen reunite and begin an investigation. Their discoveries lead to moral crossroads and dilemmas about whether or not they should intercede and help humanity despite society's rejection of the Watchmen.

Look at your Shoe Moments:
This movie had an absurd amount of violence that was both disturbing and extremely graphic. This "action movie" was as uncomfortable to watch as the current horror/torture movies like the Saw series. Also, there was so much sexuality and nudity that the DVD needed to be fast forwarded constantly. For instance, there are prostitutes on the streets that flash people, some of the Watchmen have sex with each other, and there is a Watchman who is completely CGI, but also completely naked throughout most of the movie.

This film was a complete disappointment not only in content, but in plot and storyline. It was way too long at over 3 hrs running time, but it was slow at times, confusing and had a dud for an ending. Hindsight 20/20 we should have shut the DVD off within the first 30 minutes. A movie like this is totally targeting an audience of young men, but I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, especially not teenagers.

Bottom Line:
Don’t Watch Watchmen

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