Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unplugged Challenge

March 27th thru April 8th

Join the Jr. High Mexico team in giving up technology for just under two weeks. In order to be better mentally and spiritually prepared for our time in Mexico, our team has committed to turning off the many distractions around them and spending more time with Jesus. We recognize that there are so many different ways we can become distracted from pursuing Jesus so we're taking some time to intentionally seek Him.

What we're saying NO to:





Magazines and recreational reading

Internet for entertainment purposes


What we're saying YES to:

Praying for the mission trip

Studying the Bible


Personal times of worshipping through songs

Listening to God

Spending quality time with family

Hopefully you will join us in making this sacrifice. I guarantee it will change your life because you'll find yourself consistently saying Yes to God and creating opportunities to connect with Him.

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