Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Godman: 100% God 100% Man

This winter the Uturn JH took an in depth look at the life of Jesus through the gospel of Mark. We started in January and ended our 16 week series a week before Easter. We covered the full spectrum of topics as each week we looked at a section from a chapter in the gospel.

Issues we discussed:

-redefining our identity as Christ followers (Mark 1)

-the healing of the paralyzed man (Mark 2)

-experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit (Mark 3)

-illustrating truth through parables (Mark 4)

-how to share your personal story (Mark 5)

-finding unshakeable peace during life's storms (Mark 6)

-changing the attitudes of our hearts rather than just our behavior (Mark 7)

-Jesus' divine identity (Mark 8)

-battling temptation (Mark 9)

-leading by serving others (Mark 10)

-Jesus clearing the temple (Mark 11)

-discovering the greatest commandments (Mark 12)

-keeping your faith alert rather than drowsy (Mark 13)

-remaining faithful to Christ despite peer pressure (Mark 14)

-the magnitude of Christ's sacrifice (Mark 15)

-Jesus tells us to get up and go (Mark 16)

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