Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where is God when you're in a JAM?

This past weekend we continued our "Hydrate your Soul" series by talking about pursuing your relationship with God during times of struggle, trial, or overwhelming circumstances. It can be so easy to direct our focus on the problems of life rather than keep our eyes on Jesus. Difficult circumstances are never easy to navigate, but we have to remember that as Christ followers we have God on which we can depend and trust. We need to be diligent in following Him even when times are tough. We can't forget that God is still there, his presence is still around us, the Holy Spirit is still empowering us; even when life hits the lowest of the lows. No matter how lonely, discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, overlooked, stressed, or stretched we may feel we must constantly do our best to remain faithful to Christ and trust that He can help us navigate these troublesome times. Even though life has gotten difficult, we have to remember that God has not abandoned us, He's still right there, and He still loves you dearly. Its during the tough times that our faith gets thrust into action. Those are the moments when we need to admit our dependence upon Him alone, and look to God for guidance, strength, wisdom, and peace. We also must remember that God can use these difficult times to refine us and teach us to be more like Him. Keep your eyes and ears open to the Holy Spirit so you can see how God is using your circumstance to make you more like Jesus.

If you feel that you're going through a tough time right now, here are some verses that may be an encouragement to you:

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