Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RECAP: Winter Camp 2012

Winter Camp has already come and gone, and what's really funny is that we've had more snow at home over the last few days than we had all weekend at Winter Camp. This year we had 26 students and 16 adult leaders attend at Camp Koinonia in Cle Elum, WA. We were up in the snow from Friday night through Sunday afternoon and it was an amazing weekend. There was time for sledding, games, playing in the snow, making friendships, lots of laughs, and of course our annual snow football game.
Not only did we have a lot of fun and grow relationally, but it was also an amazing time of spiritual growth. We had great times of worship through songs as students took time to glorify God and focus on Him. Our guest speaker, Kyle Veach, inspired the students with messages from the book of James. In fact our theme for the whole weekend was AUTHENTIC and it was derived from the book of James. James' letter to the early church focuses so much on people putting their faith into action and being authentic in their worship, obedience, love of people, and their devotion to Jesus. Over the course of the weekend we covered various sections from the book of James and by Sunday afternoon we had all read and learned about the ENTIRE book. So whether it was through workshops, games, sermons, prayer times, or morning Bible times, every student had the chance to learn the practical lessons from James' letter. We can praise God that over the weekend we had a handful of students make decisions to become Christ-followers, plus we had over a dozen students recommitted to authentically follow Christ with their lives. Winter Camp 2012 was a great experience for the students and leaders and will definitely be a life changing and unforgettable weekend.

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  1. This was truly a great weekend! Such a blessing all around :) And to think, we covered the entire book of James! How awesome is that!!