Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mexico Mission Trip: Day Four


Earthquake Update: This afternoon an earthquake hit the Baja area and we felt it here. Everything is fine, no one was hurt, nothing was damaged, no items were even jostled during the shaking. We are totally safe and there is no reason for fear or concern. Praise God for our safety and his protection.

As far as Easter we had a tremendous day of celebrating Jesus' resurrection. We had breakfast and Bible study together, which led to some amazing discussions about following the call of God for our lives. Then came the services. First we ministered at Hope Chapel Rosarito's English service and then followed the Spanish service. In both services we had a time of worship through songs, part of our group led the children's ministry, and others delivered powerful testimonies of God's love and having faith amidst various circumstances.
Following the services we enjoyed a delicious meal of pulled pork, rice, beans and tortillas. Hmmm... yummy to our tummies. After some wonderful Easter services and a tasty Easter dinner our team was able to relax for a bit and have fun together, which was much needed because this team has been working hard.

Thanks to everyone for their p
rayers and support. Please continue to think of us this week as we continue to minister to these communities and meet real and practical needs.


  1. Charles and Lisa HagensenApril 4, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    Happy Easter Everyone, HE IS RISEN!PTL We are thankful that you are all safe and the earthquake did not effect anyone there! Looks like you guys are working hard and having alot of fun.Like the glasses Matthew :)

  2. Praise God! Glad you all are safe. We're not worrying and we're trusting in God. He's is faithful to protect you and watch over you. Thanks for being a blessing to the people of Hope Chapel. Now I have a hankering for pulled pork, rice, beans, and tortillas!

  3. Thanks for the Easter update, and I am thankful for God's hand of protection over you all today and for the rest of the trip.

  4. Niki (John and Michelle's Mom)April 5, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    So grateful you are all safe and we didn't have to call in the Marines - I have them on speed dial just in case!

    Looks like it was a beautiful day otherwise full of blessings!