Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Rating: PG-13 for fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief sensuality
Running Time: 106 minutes

This latest remake is a tale based in Greek mythology of a demigod (half man, half god) who fights the gods on behalf of the humans. The Greek gods (Zeus, Hades, etc) have had some trouble keeping the humans happy. Apparently their livelihood is based on the prayers of man, and mankind has been trying to live life without the gods. So Hades stirs up an idea to make the humans miserable and thus start praying in their distress. Zeus goes along with the plan, but an unexpected fisherman begins to create some opposition.

This movie is filled with battle scenes and action sequences that will keep any audience member entertained and on the edge of their seat. There's everything from huge scorpions, to a battle with Medusa and the rise of the Kracken. While the plot is somewhat predictable, the film is an exciting ride.

Look at Your Shoes Moments:
According to the rating there are some scenes of sensuality, but we'll spell it out more for you. There is a scene when Zeus has sex with a woman, everything is covered by the sheets, but intimacy is displayed. There are some scenes when the female characters are wearing skimpy outfits that seem very revealing or suggestive. While there are sensual scenes there's no blatant nudity.

Obviously Uturn Jr. High does not agree with the theology of this film and if that subject matter bothers you I suggest you avoid this film because its saturated with Greek mythology and heresy. Although we don't agree theologically there were some interesting discussion points that came from the film. Some of the gods had some thought provoking lines about the relationship between gods and man. Much of their view was a fear based relationship that focused solely on pleasing the gods. Their gods were also imperfect and impulsive which caused a lot of chaos. Whereas we believe that the one true God is a perfect God full of love, kindness, gentleness, patience, goodness, peace, joy, and self control. God doesn't want to sit up there and force us into relationship and he's not waiting for us to perform for his entertainment. We don't act in obedience to feed his ego, we obey his commands because its a response of love and devotion.

Overall it was an action packed warrior flick that could lead to some interesting theological discussions. I wouldn't waste the extra cash on seeing it in 3D, but I'd see it on the big screen. If you're going to wait until you can rent it, I'd at least see it on a big TV in Blu-ray.

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