Saturday, August 14, 2010

Students of the Month: August 2010

Elizabeth Hara
9th Grade at Kamiakin Jr. High
Favorite Sports:
figure skating, dance, gymnastics, & volleyball
Top Bands:
Jar and David Archuleta
Favorite Videogame System:
Best Place for a Burger:
Taco Time
Favorite Bible Verse:
Ephesians 2:18
Alex Rodarmel
9th Grade at Cedar Park Christian School
Top Bands:
Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Weird Al, Led Zepplin
Dream Job:
Famous Person you'd like to Meet:
Jon Bon Jovi
Favorite Bible Verse:
Philippians 4:13
1 Reason you love Uturn JH:
Sean Nault's voice
Bethany Horn
7th Grade at Skyview Jr. High
Top TV shows:
The Office and Chuck
Favorite Superhero:
Dream Job:
I love running, but don't know how to make $$ by running
Best Place for a burger:
Any place with ONIONS
Favorite Bible verse:
Psalm 38:7
Each month we highlight a few students so that you can start to get to know some of the familiar faces of Uturn Jr. High. The next time you're at Uturn Jr. High be sure to fill out an Information Download so that we can stay in contact with you, and you'll be eligible to be a Student of the Month.