Thursday, August 12, 2010


August 11th thru August 21st
Can you unplug from your entertainment and plug into Jesus?
To help us get focused on the upcoming week of summer camp we're challenging all of our Uturn Jr. High students to take up a challenge to unplug from their entertainment and spend more time with Jesus. You'll be amazed how much extra time you'll have and how you're heart will be better prepared to for camp and all that God wants to reveal to you that week.
What we're saying NO to:
Internet for Entertainment Purposes
What we're saying YES to:
Praying about JH camp
Studying the Bible
Listening to God
Personal times of worship
Spending time with family
This is not meant to be a legalist exercise, but rather a chance to get prepared and focused for an exciting and life changing week of camp. Try not to focus on just what you can't do, but be intentional with what you get to do.


  1. when were we supposed to have started this?

  2. I encourage you all to do this! And everytime you remember to put down that video game or IPOD you'll be reminded of that small sacrifice your making to seek God and you WILL be rewarded for it!