Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 Mexico Mission Trip: Day 1

Day One of the 2012 Uturn Jr. High Mexico Mission Trip is underway. Today began at the early time of 5:30am as the team met at Sea-Tac Airport for our flight to San Diego. We were praising God as we got all of our bags checked under the 50 pound weight limits and smoothly navigated the security checkpoints. After grabbing some tasty breakfast at Wendy's and Starbucks in the airport food court we made our way to sunny San Diego. Thankfully all of our bags met us at the baggage claim and we met up with Pastors Don and Sandy Godwin on the curbside. What a joy to see them and their smiling faces. Before crossing the border into Mexico we made a quick pitstop at In-N-Out Burger for some lunch.
Later in the afternoon we were praising God for guiding us through a smooth border crossing. We had no travel hiccups or issues and we safely made it to our rental home that we'll be staying in for the duration of our trip. After unloading our luggage we had a brief orientation about the trip and then made our way to Hope Chapel Rosarito to begin prep work for upcoming projects.
Once at HCR the team went to work cleaning out offices, taping walls in preparation for paint, and weeding the adjacent lot for parking. Our team easily will put in a 17 hour day and they still remain positive, upbeat, and they're working hard. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as the trip has just begun.

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