Friday, April 3, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 1

We had our first full day at Hope Chapel Rosarito.  We awoke very early when the sun came up and we didn't have a clock to tell us what time it really was.  Thinking we had slept in, some of the students got out of bed and began getting ready.  Come to find out it was 5:30am and they were an 1.5 earlier than when they needed to get up.  We had a great breakfast, had a time of meet & greet with the missionaries here and had some time to practice our dramas and puppet shows.  

After lunch some were able to catch up on some sleep while other explored the local beach of Rosarito.  Friday evening was Hope Chapel Rosarito's youth service, "Remedy."  During which we played capture the flag and had dinner with about a dozen local students and the missionaries' kids.  During the service April got a chance to sing worship with their student band, we performed our pantomime drama and share a quick message and testimonies.  God was really working through our students to impact the lives of these local students.  McKenna and Casey shared testimonies that were so applicable you knew it was a divine moment that only God could orchestrate.  

We're on our way to catch a local futbol (soccer) game, which is going to be tons of fun.  I hear nothing but rave reviews from the pastors and missionaries about how helpful, polite, respectful and fun our students are. 

One day in and God is already doing amazing work.  Praise the Lord.  Keep us in your prayers. Below are some pics from the day.

Some of the group hanging out on the church's back patio overlooking the ocean.  Wow!!

Anticipating the "Remedy" youth service

Students playing the newly discovered game, "trashcan."  Tons of fun and lots of laughs

Playing a little Capture the Flag with some of the locals before service


  1. Looks like everyone is having fun! So good to hear the good news about the remedy service and what God is doing....praying for you all, Cora:)

  2. mexico was so amazing, the church and people were so different that what I had pictured.
    It was just so much fun and I encourage all the jr. highers to go next year.