Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 6

Wednesday was a full day of work and labor for the team.  It was filled with hours of projects around the gated community and the church.  We finished the final touches on the concrete foundation for the food storage unit.  And we were able to sign our names in the concrete.  We felt like celebrities at the Chinese Theater in LA.  :)

We also had some of our team do some heavy duty landscaping.  They spent hours pulling weeds, removing shrubs and plants.  The progress over the course of a few hours was amazing.  We also had some of the team go pick up garbage for a few hours.  Over the course of the afternoon they gathered an entire truck load of garbage and rubbish.  It was incredible to see the difference we made over the course of an afternoon.  Our team poured out their blood, sweat and tears into this campus and the impact is amazing.

Doug and Casey spreading out the concrete mixture to form the foundation

Some of the ladies out picking up trash around the property

The joy and excitement of finishing the concrete foundation and getting to sign our names

At the conclusion of the day we gathered our team together with the families of the missionaries.  We were able to really hear their stories and testimonies of what it was like to pack up your entire family and leave your lives for this church down in Mexico.  Both the Godwins and the Bainbridges were able to share their hearts and experiences.  It was a great night for the students to learn from them and also get prepared for leaving the mission field and entering their own local mission field, Washington.  It was exciting to see the light bulb come on for the students that they can have the same impact back home as they could here.

As the trip is coming to a conclusion please continue to pray for us to have health, safety, and strength to finish the trip well.

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  1. Praises for all of your work!!! Concrete...landscaping...garbage collection...testimony...YOU ARE ALL PRAYER WARRIORS FOR THE KINGDOM!!! YEH!!! Keep it up! Beth L