Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 2

Last night after blogging we went out to support a local futbol (soccer) team.  The pastors and missionaries of Hope Chapel Rosarito have been supporting this team by going to all of their games and cheering them on.  Some of the players actually started going to their church, asking questions and pursuing a life following Christ.  They've even been able to get the team new jerseys with the church's name printed on them.  So last night we got to attend one of the games and cheer them on.  The team loved having such a huge cheering section throughout the game and they destroyed the other team 13-3.  It was a blast watching some "rapid soccer," eating sunflower seeds, and rooting on the local team.

A group pic of us with the futbol team

Today was an awesome day full of various and life changing experiences.  After getting a great night's sleep that could have continued we awoke and got to eat a tasty breakfast under the beautiful sunshine.  We then had group devotions on the back patio in front of God's gorgeous oceanfront.  The discussion was inspiring and riveting.  We went back to the church and did some preparations for an upcoming local outreach.  We put our artistic skills to work as we decorated gift bags and wrote out John 14:6 in Spanish.  

By the time the afternoon came around we headed out to serve at a local church.  Instead of having lunch at the church we were able to eat hot dogs and chips at this church we were serving.  The church we worked with today had recently built up walls instead of meeting on the side of the street or in an old school bus.  The walls were given to them and were old garage doors that were setup for the church to meet.  During their service we performed our pantomime drama, had Duane, Emily and Clara deliver their testimonies through interpreters and listened as the pastor Marcus gave an invitation for salvation.  God did amazing work and we were able to pray for four individuals who decided to give their lives to Christ.  Praise God!!!

The drama team performing at the local church today

Following the service time we served lunch to the people in the church and surrounding community.  We BBQed some hot dogs and gave out bags of chips and fruit punch.  The students really did an awesome job serving this church, and I continue to hear rave reviews about them and their great hearts for God.  

Eating the greatest tacos ever, and drinking sodas out of glass bottles

We concluded the evening eating some of the best tacos in Rosarito.  Students had the choice of fish, pork or steak and they were amazing.  Our taste buds danced as we enjoyed this tasty dinner.  Plus we got to drink cold Cokes in glass bottles; always a special treat.  After dinner we went back to the church for some quality team building and relational time before hitting the hay.

We've only been hear a couple of days and God is doing so much work that this post can't contain it.  Pastors Don and Sandy Godwin keep telling us about how much God is doing in the lives of the church and the people we've been with.  Continue to keep us in your prayer this week.


  1. Keep up the great work! Thanks for the update.

  2. Rejoicing with you and the church there. You all remain in many many prayers:)

  3. We pray that these moments continue to add up to changed lives and inpired service.

  4. You are amazing!!!
    I am praying that you will be blessed with a new glimpse of the tender love of Jesus for you!

  5. Wow, sounds like everything is going great. You guys are in my prayers and may God work through all of you the rest of this week.