Monday, April 6, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 3

Sunday morning we woke up had breakfast and headed out to our rental home's patio for morning devotions, as we journaled and meditated on the Great Commission students discussed how they felt called and motivated to be more active in their faith.  That the power of God goes beyond any fear that we may have.

What a view for doing your morning quiet time in the Word

After devotions we got to go to Hope Chapel Rosarito's Sunday service.  The place was full of people for Palm Sunday and it was awesome to be a part of.  The students performed their pantomime and the other half of the team performed their puppet show and interactive story for the little kids.  It was a good experience for students to see different ways of doing church and stretching them out of their comfort zones.  Praise the Lord we witnessed 2 people make decisions to follow Christ in the service.  Many of the students were amazed to see how God can work through people and we didn't even have a long sermon, instead Pastor Sandy shared a short message from her heart.  

After lunch we prepped giveaway baggies for our upcoming outreach.  We made an assembly line and the students filled the bags with tracts, candy, bubbles, and little toys.  We used the bags that we had decorated the previous day.  In total we filled about 100 bags in less than an hour.  Our students are quick and hard workers.

Students filling the giveaway bags for the outreach later that day.

After our bag prep some of us were able to go into the ocean near our house.  We really enjoyed swimming in those big waves.  It was so refreshing to enjoy God's creation like that.  Following our time in the ocean we headed out to a local community, Vista Marina, to do our planned outreach.

We pulled into the neighborhood and corralled as many little kids and families as possible.  At the outreach we had our team do their interactive story, the pantomime and the puppet show.  We concluded by offering an invitation to follow Christ.  It was great for the students to see these kids and their families enjoying all of the students' hard preparations.  There were continual smiles and laughter among the little kids. 
Vista Marina neighborhood where we did our outreach

To finish off the outreach we distributed the bags we had prepared ahead of time.  It was awesome to see the faces on the little kids light up as we gave them this little goodie bag.  It was great to see many of the team interacting with the kids, utilizing their little bit of Spanish vocabulary and showing the love of Jesus.

Goodie bag distribution at the Vista Marina outreach

Our Sunday finished off with a BBQ back at the Godwins' house.  We had burgers, beans and lots of fun.  Our students are doing such a great job of serving, including the locals within our group and showing the love of Jesus.  I continue to hear great things about how caring and respectful our students are.  

Just before we went to bed we celebrated the birthday of one of our teammates, Casey.  We got him a chocolate cake and spelled his name in Captain Crunch Berries.  

Celebrating Casey's 14th birthday with a chocolate cake in Mexico

The trip is going by so quickly, and I know it will be over before we know it.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thank you for your support.


  1. I am so proud of you guys! And I'm a little jealous about the ocean devotion (Monday) we are having record highs (74), but that won't impress you much I'm sure! It is absolutely stunningly beautiful here in Seattle, and I miss you all!--Rebecca