Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 4

Monday was considered our Funday for the trip.  We took the day to rest, recharge and get ready for the upcoming days of projects and hard labor.  If God rested in the creation of the universe, then a group of Jr. Highers definitely need a day of relaxation so that they can refocus for the days ahead.

After breakfast we headed out to the local Rosarito market where students could pick up souvenirs to take home with them.  Everyone seemed to enjoy walking around, looking at the little odds and ends and some even liked haggling for a good deal.  :)

Here's some of the team inside a local shop at the market

Once we were done shopping we went back to the church for lunch and headed out for the beach.  We spent the afternoon at a local beach playing in the ocean, walking in the sand, playing soccer and just enjoying the sunshine.  We roasted hot dogs right there on the beach and concluded the evening with a time of making smores.  Once the sun went down we went back to our rental homes and hit the hay early so that everyone would be well rested for the remainder of the week.

The group at the beach at sunset.  Very Beautiful!!!

Keep an eye out for more updates on our trip and please continue to keep us in your prayers. We've been able to avoid any major injuries or illness, but its only by God's covering.  Thanks again for your support and prayers.


  1. You guys are eating a lot of hot dogs!!! What happened to the local quisine? Hope you are thoroughly enjoying this life changing experience. Look forward to your updates and seeing more pictures! Beth Ludwig (co-worker of Sarah C)

  2. Sounds like you're having a GREAT mission trip. I'm really thankful and praying for the final days of your mission.